reason1 Provides prompt solutions to complicated matters

Broad range of our expertise enables satisfaction of  any customer needs

We prepare appropriate application documents promptly based on our up-to-date knowledge of the Immigration Control Act and the broad range of our experience in immigration procedures.
All of our staff members are bilingual, so we can serve you not only in Japanese but also in other languages for smooth procedures. Our staff members provide customer-friendly services for any immigration matters.
Contact WEDOFY for any complicated matters that other companies could not solve or had rejected.

WEDOFY can meet your requests such as

reason2 WEDOFY has filed over 20,000 applications on behalf of big and small companies.

Most customers chose WEDOFY as a result of word  of mouth

Since our establishment in 2002, we have filed more than 20,000 applications. By preparing application documents reflecting examination “key points,” which can be done only by WEDOFY, we have been achieving an immigration acceptance rate of nearly 100%.
Most of our customers are domestic and foreign affiliated, large prestigious companies from industries such as the IT, automobile, electrical, pharmaceutical and airline industries.
We have received favorable comments about our services from each of those industries. The high achievements and reputation that we have earned are attracting more customers by word of mouth.

WEDOFY supported about 10% of foreign employees

reason3 Offers high-quality services at reasonable prices.

Significantly reduces the burden associated  with application processes

We take away from you the hassles of preparing application documents, submitting applications to the Immigration Bureau, getting a certificate, and so on.

Provides detailed consultation

Our staff members hold detailed consultation for each foreigner in order for them to start to work with ease. Application documents will be made based on this consultation.

We guarantee accurate, prompt and reliable services.
4 steps to obtaining working visas for foreigners

reason4 WEDOFY will look after everything right up to the end!

Solves your concerns and questions  even after filing visa applications

WEDOFY is not a company that just drafts documents and handles immigration procedures on your behalf.
Even after filing visa applications, our staff members provide customer-friendly support, solving any concerns and questions of you. WEDOFY will look after everything right up to the end!

We support you even after filing the visa applications by