Employment of foreign students

We asked WEDOFY to handle the working-visa procedures for foreign students who were joining our company. Despite our concerns over the limited time frame for the application procedures, WEDOFY staff members completed the application successfully. Thanks to their detailed instructions and prompt, reliable responses, we could employ all the foreign students even though we didn’t have any knowledge of the application procedures. We will definitely choose WEDOFY again for our employment of foreign students in the near future.

From a staff member
We handled the application, hoping for a bright future for the foreign students who had been making diligent efforts in Japan.
From a staff member

Inviting foreign interns to Japan

Thank you very much for helping us with the inviting of foreign interns to Japan, from initial consultations on invitation procedures to confirmation and negotiations with the Immigration Bureau. Thanks to your support, we could continue our internship program, which eased our minds. We really appreciated the information provided by WEDOFY. We are now expecting our interns to learn as many things as they can. We look forward to doing business with WEDOFY again in the future.

From a staff member
When inviting foreign interns to Japan, the type of visa to apply for varies depending on their internship plans. In this customer’s case, we provided full support, starting from consultation on the development of the internship plans and preparation of the required documents to visa acquisition, entry into Japan and starting of the internship. The quickest way to sustain an internship program is to apply for visas after thorough preparation, with details and plans of the internship activities reliably developed in compliance with the Immigration Control Act.
From a staff member

Accidental overstay

Thank you very much, everyone!
Everything went very well in the end and there were no problems whatsoever, all because of efforts from all of you. I’m sorry that I caused all this trouble, hopefully after three years I will remember better. Special thanks to Yamazaki-san for the actions at the immigration office, very impressive!
Thank you once again.

From a staff member
Upon receiving a request for help from a customer whose visa had expired, we visited the Immigration Bureau immediately to apply for Special Permission for Residence. Our immigration lawyer accompanied the customer to provide full support throughout the entire process and succeeded in obtaining the Special Permission from the Minister of Justice. The customer was greatly relieved to get the permission after 3 weeks of overstay. When we receive any consultation request from our customers, we first ask them about their circumstances in order to judge if there is any possibility that the Special Permission will be granted. It is not unusual for a visa to be accidentally expired. So please contact us as soon as you realize it.
From a staff member

Many more solutions have been offered. WEDOFY will take care of everything.

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard works you have put into getting me visa though there have been some irregularities. I was honestly worried that I may not be able to work in Japan, so I am very relieved that it worked out well eventually.
I appreciate your professional advice which made this happen. I can think of no greater gift. All my best.

From a staff member
Since the customer, who was originally dispatched to Japan from an overseas company, wished to continue to work in Japan in a new career as a freelance designer, we applied for permission for change of the status of residence. The preparation for such an application should be started early according to the applicant’s circumstances because the application contents, requirements, application timing and required documents vary with each case.
In this case, the customer was at a complete loss, unable to prepare documents that proved his work experience as a designer. So we took charge of the document preparations, conducted detailed negotiations with the Immigration Bureau, and succeeded in obtaining permission for change of the status of residence. Foreigners who wish to work in Japan usually experience concerns about the visa process. And it is the WEDOFY-style hospitality to change these concerns into relief.
From a staff member

Changing the status of residence due to career change from office worker to freelancer

  • Carried out procedures needed for the continuous residence of a foreign student whose“ Student”visa was expiring before joining a company in June.
  • Gave prompt support in obtaining working visas for employees of a foreign company that was expanding its business to Japan.
  • Gave support for bringing a non-adopted step-child of a foreign employee to Japan.
  • Providing support for bringing over same-sex partners.
  • Carrying out invitation, change and renewal procedures for highly skilled professionals.
  • Providing support for bringing over parents-in-law.
  • Supporting visa applications for those who want to study Japanese culture, such as Japanese flower arrangement and ceramic art.