Q1.Can you give me a quotation? There is no list of fees on your website.
A.Yes, we are happy to give you a quotation.

Though we have a rough standard of fees for normal cases, we do not post a list of fixed fees because the fees vary with each case. We will create a detailed quotation after having an initial consultation with you.

Q2.Can I have an initial consultation over the phone?
A.Yes, we welcome any inquiries.

We can answer general inquiries over the phone. For specific cases, please come into our office for consultation.

Q3.Do I need to make an appointment for an initial consultation?

For smooth consultation, please make an appointment by phone or by completing an inquiry form first. (A consultation fee will be charged.)

Q4.What should I prepare for an initial consultation?
A.We will inform you when you make an appointment with us.

The required documents vary depending on the applicant and the particulars of the application.

Q5.Can you come to my office?
A.We can visit you if phone consultation is not sufficient.

We generally provide consultations over the phone, by email or at our office. However, our staff members can visit you depending on the particulars of your inquiry.

Q6.How long does it take from making an application request to being granted?
A.It usually takes about 1 to 2 months from receiving your application request to being granted.

In some cases, it may take longer because the application examination period varies with the type of Status of Residence and the particulars of the application. If it is taking too long, we will contact the Immigration Bureau to confirm the progress of the examination.

Q7.Do I need to go to the Immigration Bureau by myself?

Our immigration lawyers will responsibly submit your application to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau. For the Re- gional Immigration Bureaus other than Tokyo, our immigration lawyers may be able to visit on your behalf if you have any particular reason. Please consult with us.

Q8.Can we hire new foreign graduates in the same manner as we hire new Japanese graduates?
A.There are several ways depending on the situations.

If you provide us with the details of your prospective employees,
we will provide you with the specific requirements and procedures for hiring them.

Q9.I am a foreign student studying at a university in Japan    and I got an unofficial job offer from a Japanese company.    Do I need to change my visa status to work in Japan?

You need to change your status of residence from“Student”to an appropriate working visa. Please contact us to get started with our highly experienced services for changing the status of residence to a working visa.

Q10.Do you handle procedures for status of residence other than working visas?

We handle individual cases such as “Dependent,” “Designated Activities,” “Spouse or Child of Japanese National,” “Permanent Resident” and “Long-term Resident.” Please contact us for more details.

Q11.I want to become a naturalized citizen of Japan. Do you provide any service for this?
A.Yes, we provide naturalization services.

Let us have your details first as there are requirements for naturalization.

Q12.What should I do if immigration procedures have changed due to amendment of Immigration Control Act?
A.We provide information on the latest procedures.

We also hold seminars for our customers to provide them with information on the latest procedures.

Q13.Can you take over the procedures that have been handled by another visa consulting firm as I am having trouble with them?
A.Yes, we can.

Please contact us and tell us the details.

Q14.I received a Notice to Appear.Can you accompany me to the Immigration Bureau?
A.Yes, we will accompany you as much as possible.

First, please consult with us on the details of your current status.

Q15.What should I do if I had lost my residence card overseas?
A.Please contact us immediately,

The necessary procedures are different from those for the loss of a residence card in Japan.

Q16.What should we do for babies born in Japan to foreign workers?
A.There are several solutions depending on the situation.

If a baby born in Japan will stay in Japan for more than 60 days, it is necessary to apply for acquisition of status of residence within 30 days after the birth. Please consult with us for details.

Q17.Is it possible to stay in Japan for the medium to long term    with a partner in common-law marriage or with a same-sex partner?
A.A medium- to long-term stay may be possible.

So please contact us first.